Our experiment needs your support!

We are planning an experiment this May and June.

The set-up:

15 artists of different artistic fields.

From sculptors, musicians and writers to actors, dancers and painters.

In Vienna, Salzburg, Linz and Graz.

Live, work and create art together in an inspiring place.

In 4 cities in May and June 2018

72 hours nonstop!!

Open to the public all around the clock


The dates and places are:

  • Galerie „Die Schöne“ (Vienna) May 3rd – 5th
  • „MARK“ (Salzburg) May 9th – 11th
  • „Raumschiff“ (Linz) May 24th – 26th
  • „Spektral“ (Graz) May 31st – June 2nd
  • Galerie „Die Schöne“ (Vienna) June 7th – 9th


Without any financial support the project won’t be possible. Because it is not that easy to achieve cultural promotion from municipal authorities, we started a Crowdfunding-Campaign to cover all the costs (food, rentals, travel expenses and material costs). It is important to us that none of the participating artists spends any own money for this project.

By crowdfunding you are supporting our project and if we achieve our financial target, you will get an artistic gift from us. If we don’t achieve our target, you will get your money back.

We have compiled some very cool rewards. A cloth bag with our KunstMeeting logo printed on it, signed books, various dance/drum/acting workshops and works of art that our artists produce during the tour.


We would appreciate if you took a look at our Crowdfunding website and also support us.  We are thankful for every donation!

On the site you will find a more detailed description of our project, as well as a video and regular updates and information about the KunstMeeting in a blog.

Here is the link:



Of course we would also like to invite you to one or more of the KunstMeeting-Tour dates, to experience a KunstMeeting yourself.


We are also on Facebook and Instagram and would be happy if you give us a “Like“.


Thank you for your time and your support!